Let’s Change the Name of Pingree Park

In response to the 150th anniversary of the tragic Sand Creek Massacre, I wrote a soapbox for our local newspaper, entitled Let’s Change the Name of Pingree Park,  George Pingree, after whom the Colorado State University Mountain Campus is named, was a harsh, cruel man, even for his times. At the Sand Creek massacre (November 29th, 1864) , he took 13 scalps of old men, women and children, and then later sold them for two years worth of haircuts to a Denver barber. This shows how little he valued them, and the type of man he was.

I don’t know exactly what to do to get the name changed, but I’m willing and planning to give it some energy, over the next hundred years or so, as a small step/contribution toward healing the many wounds from the genocidal by-product of our 19th century western expansion.  I started a website entitled No Pingree (click link.) Would be happy if any of you might be willing to walk with me on this long, symbolic march.  Just let me know.

In peace… Bear

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