About Us (Bear’s Brief Bio)

2046I am a game designer, product developer and content provider.

In these, my silver-haired years, I feel lucky.
I spend most of my days writing, reading, hiking in the mountains (both alone and with friends), tweaking my stock portfolio, puttering in the yard, lunching and dining with old friends and with Suzy, my patient wife of a hundred years, and counseling with a few select clients. And oh yea, as often as possible, doing my part to foment non-violent revolution, trying to bring more political, economic and spiritual power back to ordinary people.
It’s a great life.
Relative to vocations, although I’ve been writing professionally for many decades, mostly as a moonlighter, I seem to have about a seven year attention span when it comes to day jobs. I have basic interests that have waxed and waned throughout my life. Those interests include how to outgrow our addictions, how to drop the poverty mindset, how to demilitarize the planet, how to succeed in the stock market, how to enjoy life more and, most especially, how to more consistently experience and share the free, loving non-dual prosperity  that is at the heart of all experience.
I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Suz and I have grown children and growing grandchildren. I have published seven books, with several more on the way. I have also published stories, essays, articles and poems in such places as Reader’s Digest, The Columbia Journalism Review, The Christian Science Monitor, Modern Maturity (AARP), Hardboiled, American Legion, American Express On-Line, Fitness, Whole Life Times, Jive, Income Opportunities, RV West, Senior Living, Hallmark, and numerous others. (I already confessed I enjoy to write!)
I would love to hear from you. My personal e-mail is bear@beargebhardt.com. Hope you enjoy what you find here. In peace. — Bear

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