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  1. Laura Godshalk says:

    I remembered your name,
    Simply typed it into a search field.
    Wow! You have done well,
    I’m so proud of you!
    I took a smoking cessation class,
    A million years ago it seems, maybe 98, 99
    Ate snap peas and cookies, amongst
    Fellow nervous wrecks.
    I saved all the papers we got, and the info
    But not the cessation turns out.
    I am in denver now, central denver,
    Been here over ten years now,
    Land of opportunity, so it seems.
    I need to get this done again, I have a
    Reason to keep it, not just some boyfriend
    Who’d rather not kiss a smoker.. But an
    Amazing daughter who will require
    Chapter books soon enough.
    I can’t read out loud without breathing,
    On purpose, like to overcompensate..
    It’s selfish and sick, but I need your help.
    I remember way back then,
    You were training another coach and
    He never smoked, I was outraged by the
    Thought. I’m older now, and calmer,
    Thank God! But still, can’t waste my time
    On some kind of funny business.
    I was thinking about hypnotism.
    I found out I need help, turns out as
    Much as I want to just be done,
    I totally suck at quitting.
    So if your not too famous, and
    Maybe remember me I would greatly
    Appreciate a referral to a situation much
    Like you provide, here in denver.
    Thank you so much for your response,
    And congratulations!!
    I’m so glad for your success!!
    Laura G

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