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He’s a Rocky Mountain Senior

I recently had three (count ’em, three) articles published in the same issue of Rocky Mountain Seniors magazine. I guess I’m getting to be a regular there. You can find the magazine here.
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Previous Post: Why Be a Monk or Nun?
Lately, I’ve been happy being a monk.
In fact, when telemarketers call, and start in on their speech, I often politely interrupt and tell the enslaved person, “Sorry, friend, we are monks and nuns here, and don’t . . . (answer surveys, need new siding, have mortgage issues, etc.) So we are not good prospects for you …” Most telemarketers, having never heard such an excuse, will politely agree then leave.
Telling the telemarketer that we’re monks and nuns is what Al Franken might call, “Joking on the square”— sort of joking but also sort of telling the truth. My wife and I, and many of our friends, really are monks and nuns, though I’m the only one (so far) with a business card admitting as much.

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