How to Pray for Donald Trump

Posted a new little ditty today, on How to Pray for Donald Trump. I pray it doesn’t cause too much trouble.

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Battle of the Bards: First Place!

Although poetry is not a competitive sport, and I am at heart a pacifist, I was nevertheless quite tickled recently when in our local “Battle of the Bards,” annual poetry contest, sponsored by our local library, both of my entries were selected as “finalists.” Even more gratifying, one of them– “Undocumented, Left in the Desert“– was awarded First Place (with a $75.00 prize!) It’s nice to have one’s secret sentiments publicly appreciated. Here are the two poems. Hope you enjoy:

In the Nursing Home

My old momma, this learned woman,

is in this moment a child again—

her dust bowl eight year old farm girl self–

innocent, open, wide eyed, calm,

trusting me, her silver haired son

to bring her lessons from the wider world,

most especially where she’ll sleep tonight.

“Right here, mom. This is your bed. Your name’s

on the door, and on the list of who gets meals.”

She nods her head while learning, the way she once nodded

when her brother showed her how a horse needs brushed,

her mother how the eggs need whipping,

and, last year, the doctor decoding MRI anomalies.

My heart breaks, or at least goes soft.

“Here mom, drink your milk. I’ll hold the straw

it’s good for your bones.”

She smiles, nods, sips.


Undocumented, Left in the Desert

I’ve come looking for my bones
I dropped them south of Nogales.
I could not carry them further, my thirst…

and then your truck came, men piled
my bones in on others where they — my bones–
were numbered, chipped, tested.
My brothers, my sisters, gave up on my ghost.

I’ve came now for my bones
This graveyard of John Does,
Jane Does, Hernandez, Gonzales, Hermillo,
I’ve come for my ankle, your elbow
My thigh, your skull, my jawbone
we are one skeleton, one family structure:
some in the desert, some in the truck,
some with guns in a tower guarding that fence,
some home weeping with hearts broke.

I’ve come for my bones.
I will not rest
until we are again one body,
whole, back together again.

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Aldous Huxley and the Big Mind

Invited a few friends over friday afternoon/evening to drink a few beers, play bocce and to not only discuss but also see if we might move through what Aldous Huxley called The Doors of Perception. You can read my posting about it here.
Would be interested to know what you think… Bear

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The Sheriff, Poor Guy . . .

As mentioned, I try to keep this blog updated with (most of) what I write and publish elsewhere, but am not always real quick. Here’s a link to an opinion piece I wrote for our local newspaper, came out a week ago, entitled Pot Laws Are Like Berlin Walls. Just say no.


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American Sniper in Iraq

Came across a beautifully crafted review of that sad new movie, American Sniper  by an actual American Sniper in Iraq. I posted it on my website, Dads Against Martyr and Military Madness, which you can read here.   Let’s war no more.


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A Couple More Poems Published

Had a couple of poems published recently In Constellations, a Journal of Poetry and Fiction

Here they are just in case you don’t want to buy the magazine to have your own personal copy,


Old Friends, Parting


Once before, as young men,

we two old friends parted  —him

stuck with truck stop coffee and donuts—

me saying, ”I’ll go on, you follow.”

we’d learned the hard way

two thumbin’s harder

than one.


We made plans exactly where we’d meet

on the Cape after the sun went down,

planned to maybe make a drift wood fire,

drink rum, celebrate, dance and sing.


“Meantime,” I said, “take care, friend .

see you soon, hopefully, down the road.”

I pointed my thumb, back then,

towards the far galaxies

shining bright and beautiful

under the distant overpass.


And now we’re old men together.

We did meet up at the shore. We did laugh,

sing, celebrate. Since then, lots of tides

have come and gone.

“You go on,” I tell him now.

I reach for his hand, his big thumb

caresses mine. He’s the one

going ahead, hooked to the monitors

in this god forsaken distant place.

“We’ll meet again, bro, we’ll celebrate,”

I tell him, “laugh, sing, drink rum,

if they have it there on the distant shore.”


“If they don’t,” he says. “I’m not going.”


I walk from his hospital room,

The weak light

of his heart monitor flashing

the distant galaxies.


After my tears,

in the basement cafeteria

I wait, speak softly with his sister

over coffee and donuts.


Faces of Fast Friends


As a kid I observed a space—two, three,

inches at most, between my outer face

and the inner me. I asked my buddy

Glenn, “you feel that space, too—outside to in,

two, three inches?” He said no, he didn’t,

didn’t know what inner gap I was pointing to.


The space narrowed, grew less as I became

more accustomed to my body. Friend Glenn,

a fast learner, was undoubtedly stuck

identity-wise, into his body

at the time I asked about the face gap.


Then I learned about girls, started feeling

my own magnificent juices rising,

so the gap between inner and outer

thinned and soon, me and my raging hormones

were one. I was my physical body,

like everybody else was their body

and it was body to body contact,

excitements that kept my attention locked

(in the body) decade after decade.


Now as a mature guy with silver hair,

having had lots of fun with this body

(and hers!) I find the childhood space again

appearing… a point, here inside my skull,

two, three inches behind my wrinkled face,

where I AM—where attention, awareness

reality is.  This body’s movement

is incidental, not necessary,

secondary to the real me who’s here.


Here in my maturity, however,

this “I am” that I am, two, three inches

inside the frail skull bone, is infinite—

more than infinite: it’s wordless, space-less,

timeless, formless—this face can come and go,

be first young, then grow old— it has nothing

whatsoever to do with the timeless

attention, awareness, being I am,

space-like, in which all things, the galaxies,

the universes, all forms rise and fall.


“You feel what’s just inside, behind your face?”

I’d ask Glenn again, if he were here.

He’s a fast learner. Probably by now

he’d reply, “Oh sure. The face I’m wearing

now is the face I was wearing before

my parents were born.” I’d nod my old head.

“I can dig it,” I’d agree. Being fast

friends since childhood, we’re able to talk

about almost anything in the world.



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7 Economic Signs for a Rich 2015

Friends– I was asked to write an “economic outlook for 2015”  for our local “50 and Better” magazine,” Alas, it’s hard to find the article online. (Fifty and Better is a slick print publication.) And I know youo all must be dying to read it. So here it is:


2015: Seven Signs for a Good Year

Seven economic signs show that 2015 could be the best year ever for most people in Northern Colorado. However, for oil drillers, hedge fund managers and owners of gas station syndicates, these same signals indicate that 2015 could be a bit challenging. Still, for most people in Northern Colorado, especially those aged 50 plus, 2015 already promises a year of increased prosperity, deeper solvency and growing opportunity.

Sign # 1: Lower Oil and Gas Prices

A gallon of gas is 40% less than at this time last year, averaging $1.98 a gallon today vs. $3.22 last year. Lower gas prices are obviously more helpful for lower and middle income people, especially those owning a recreational vehicle, who want to make road trips or just spend less getting to work. Lower prices also allow extra cash for specialty groceries or an extra restaurant meal and a movie. Maybe even to pay down some credit card debt.

The airlines also fill up for less, so air fares should remain stable, or even fall lower, due to cheaper cost of aviation fuel. For those traveling, the cost of motels, hotels and restaurant meals should remain fairly economical throughout 2015 due to lower costs for heating and powering these facilities.

Sign # 2: Increased Global Connectivity

               Lower oil and gas prices are obviously not just a local phenomenon but rather the result of factors around the world, including decreased demand from China, turmoil in the Middle East and worldwide application of new technologies in oil extraction.  Northern Colorado is increasingly  intertwined with almost all facets of the world economy.

Following national and global trends, more northern Colorado residents do more of their shopping via their computers. For example, nationally, over $2 billion was spent on a single day  (“Cyber Monday”) in the past 2014 Christmas season, which was a 25% increase  year over year. And Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is now experiencing serious competition from Ali Baba, the Chinese equivalent, bringing even lower prices to consumers, and allowing direct shopping from China and India to Northern Colorado. Although this puts pressure on local businesses to also lower their prices, the emerging “global economy” is a boon for lower and middle income people.
Sign # 3: Continued Low Interest Rates

Current thirty year fixed rate mortgages in Northern Colorado range between 3.4% to 3.9%  with adjustable rate mortgages as low as 2.7%  Loans for new cars are hovering around 3%, though some  dealers are making 0% deals for high end models. The exception to low interest rates is, as usual, the interest rates on credit cards, though even these are held stable by the generally low rate climate.  Although some economists predict interest rates will rise this year while others say no, the current low interest rates benefit the ordinary consumer, as well as home builders and auto dealers.  Banks have to cut their margins, but they still play the middle man.

Sign # 4:  Rising Wages, Home Prices and New Commercial Building

The Business Research Division at CU’s Leed’s School of Business reported that the price of houses in both Larimer and Weld Counties rose approximately 9% over the past 12 months. Although this puts further strain on low-income people in need of affordable housing, middle income people who own homes find their net-worth growing.  Home builders are hiring and purchasing materials to meet the demand for new homes.

Colorado State University economist Martin Shields expects the unemployment rate in Northern Colorado to drop to around 3.5% with a corresponding rise in basic wages due to fewer people looking for work. He also points out that new commercial construction projects, including an $86 million hospital planned by Banner Health and a $12.3 million emergency center by University of Colorado Health, will buoy the region’s economy.

Sign # 5: Immigration Reform and New Businesses

Although legislative action on immigration reform appears stuck in seemingly endless political bickering, President Obama’s executive action on immigration allows parents of American citizens or legal resident children who have lived in the U.S. for more than five years relief from deportation if they register with the government, undergo background checks, and pay taxes.  Especially here in Northern Colorado this action helps stabilize the work force, bringing more long time workers onto the tax roles, and even more importantly, allow for the new business start-ups.

According to a study recently released by the Fiscal Policy institute, between 2000 and 2013, immigrants accounted for all net Main Street business growth nationally and in 31 of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the country.  Obviously, immigration reform will be good for the Northern Colorado economy and, as the White House put it,  “It will also allow immigration enforcement officials to focus resources on deporting felons, not families.”

Sign # 6 New Businesses  

According to World Bank Group’s, “Ease of Doing Business” rankings, Colorado ranks first in the nation as the best state in which to start a new business.  Reasons to start a business here include a decreasing crime rate; a great climate for winter sports enthusiasts; Colorado’s top ten rating for small business friendliness; and, according to the Denver Chamber of Commerce, the second most educated workforce in the country.

Sign # 7: Increased Marijuana Taxes

         And finally, the new tax revenues from  both recreational and medicinal marijuana continue to climb, increasing by large margins each month, adding to the tax base in both Larimer and Weld, though more so in Larimer than Weld. ($176,096.00 collected in Larimer and $121,354.00 collected in Weld for the most recent month in which figures are available.)  Although still in its infancy, this new “industry” brings more people to the state, and revenues to the county coffers. Curiously, some research indicates that a large percentage for both medical and recreational marijuana sales are in the 50-plus age bracket.

Contrary to many doom and gloom analysts, the 2015 economic outlook for Northern Colorado continues to brighten.  From across the country and the world, people want to live, visit or do business in this land of growing opportunity.

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Let’s Change the Name of Pingree Park

In response to the 150th anniversary of the tragic Sand Creek Massacre, I wrote a soapbox for our local newspaper, entitled Let’s Change the Name of Pingree Park,  George Pingree, after whom the Colorado State University Mountain Campus is named, was a harsh, cruel man, even for his times. At the Sand Creek massacre (November 29th, 1864) , he took 13 scalps of old men, women and children, and then later sold them for two years worth of haircuts to a Denver barber. This shows how little he valued them, and the type of man he was.

I don’t know exactly what to do to get the name changed, but I’m willing and planning to give it some energy, over the next hundred years or so, as a small step/contribution toward healing the many wounds from the genocidal by-product of our 19th century western expansion.  I started a website entitled No Pingree (click link.) Would be happy if any of you might be willing to walk with me on this long, symbolic march.  Just let me know.

In peace… Bear

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Welcome to Bear’s Website

                        “Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words.” —Rumi

Hello Friends— I don’t blog regularly. I do write regularly, but mostly for my other websites and outside publications. As millions of people will tell you, I’m not famous, so I get to write whatever the heck I feel like writing. I’ve published everything from cowboy poetry to academic  papers to self-help books and technical trade articles, (See Bear’s Brief Bio.) I try to link up what I write and/or publish in other areas  back to this personal home page.But I’m not real quick at it. Hope you enjoy some of the pieces/links found here. Please drop me a line, if you feel so inclined. 

Yours in ordinary peaceable prosperity … Bear

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A New Story Just Published

Hi friends… recently had a goofy little story published based on the work of Rupert Sheldrake. It’s called Morphic Resonance and you can find it here. Hope you enjoy.

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