“Quick Love”– My Basic Practice

These days,  my basic “method” — or mind game– which I sometimes play to help me recognize, emphasize and harmonize with the natural flow of daily life, is a ten second, 5-step inner process I call “Quick Love.” Here it is, in a nutshell:

1.) STOP

In my day life I tend to just keep going, going, going, moving moving moving, worrying worrying, worrying, chewing, first on this and then on that tidbit of life’s Big Banquet.  I have to tell myself, sometimes, just stop.


Even when I’m moving, moving and chewing and chewing, I can relax a little for pity’s sake. What’s the hurry? Scan the bod. Where’s the tension? Relax.

3. Just Love

Sounds corny, but whatever the heck is happening right here, right now, inside my brain or outside my window, I allow myself to just love what’s here. I figure this is the life I’m living and I’ve given myself permission to love it, the life I’m living, no matter what. Another word for just love is  just be. Just love and just be are like yin/yang: two sides of the same enchilada. I’ve determined to just love, just be with the life I have right here, right now– not the life I want to have or could have but this one, just as it is. I figure this life deserves my love, even if it’s just for a second. I know, it sounds corny. So sue me.

4. Disappear

In the fourth step for just a second I let the loving me and the un-loving me both disappear. I let all identities disappear, for just a second, even the identity that decides to “disappear.”  For just a second, I’m present as identity-less-ness.  I stay there as long as I can, even though there’s no “I” to stay.

5. Carry On.

I generally can’t stay disappeared for very long so then I simply carry on. I do whatever comes next, re-engage my circumstance, chop wood, carry water, take out the garbage or write my speech for the United Nations. “Carry on” happens anyway. I’ve been doing that all my life. I’ve found this “quick love” practice is a simple way to bring more flow, more light and leisure to my everyday “carrying on” that goes on anyway.

This practice takes only five seconds or so to engage, though if I’m feeling really centered and at ease I can give it fifteen or twenty seconds. I’ve discovered that the more time I give to it, the better my day life flows, goes. Five seconds is better than no time at all. Ten seconds is better than five, but there’s no pressure here, at least not in the way I play this Quick Love game.

Love God with all your heart and soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the Law  and the Prophets.”  That’s what I learned as a kid. This Quick Love game is how I do it, these days, as an old white-haired man.

Let me know if you have suggestions for doing it better.


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